Stepped on a Cat and Almost Broke My Back!

Did you know that cats are not only bad for people’s allergies, they are also bad for backs? Well, if you step on one going down the stairs in the dark, they are. I am so glad I was holding onto the railing. However, that quick jerk of my left arm to keep me from tumbling down the stairs really did a number on my back. The cat is no worse for the wear. However, for some reason he does not sleep on the stairs anymore. I paid a visit to the best San Jose chiropractor I could find to see if I could get the kinks worked out. I knew I did not break anything, but I sure twisted something.

The pain I was having was at my shoulder and my lower back. The lower back pain burned and sent burning sensations down my leg into my foot and toes. The shoulder pain ached like a toothache. I had went to my primary care doc first, and he gave me a prescription anti-inflammatory medication that did not really help. However, after one visit to the chiropractor, the burning pain shooting down my leg stopped. Then a couple of more visits fixed up that aching shoulder. This is why I say this chiropractor is the best San Jose chiropractor.

Seriously, what other doctor’s office can you walk into with a terrible aching burning pain that is shooting down your back into your leg all the way to the end of your shoe and walk out with no pain? The chiropractor knew what the problem was as soon as I described it. The adjustment took the pressure off of the irritated nerves and I had instant relief. Now I can’t say that everyone with a backache is going to get instant chiropractic relief. However, I am not going to be shy about going back if I ever step on another cat and hurt myself again.