Started a New Job at a Car Parts Maker

I just got a new job, it came out of the blue with a phone call from this guy I had not seen in years. Of course I was hesitant to get involved at first, because the truth is that this guy is a salesman and you can not really believe much of the things that come out of his mouth. The owner of the place got in touch with me and they gave me a contract that pretty much covers my rear end. Right now I am the process to buy research chemicals with 99% purity because I am going to need to set up a lab for a pretty significant metal finishing operation. The truth is that they have invested a huge amount of money in a facility to produce a huge number of car parts, specifically the parts that go around the head light assembly of a pick up truck. However the thing they did not think about is the quality control on the metal finishing line.

That is a big deal, because no one is going to pay for the head light assembly unless it shines like new money and unless it stands up to the corrosion test, which means that it is going to have to go on shining like new money for a long time. At the least it needs to stay new looking for at least a decade, even longer than it is going to be covered by the warranty on a new car. You test it so that it is going to be a lot worse than the worst case scenario. In this case the worst thing is for the pick up truck to be sold down on the coast to some person who is going to be driving right on the shores of the ocean.