My Doctor Knew Exactly What I Need Right Now

You hear about different diseases all of your life. Sometimes, they put fear into you when you think about having one of them one day, but nothing prepared me for how I would really feel when it happened to me. That said, I’m on the right track now with my cancer treatment. Last week, my physician gave me a prescription for medical marijuana in Marlton NJ and using it has helped me pretty quickly. It has helped me both mentally and physically. I feared that the rest of my treatment would continue to be as hard as it was, but now I feel good about it. I feel like I can beat this now.

When my doctor first diagnosed me, I was stunned. I knew that I would one day be diagnosed with something, but I wasn’t sure what that would be. Because of that, I tried not to think about it. It means that I never really prepared myself for when it would really happen one day. So, I was in denial at first. That didn’t last too long because I didn’t have time to sit around in denial. My first chemo treatment was coming up, and I needed to face facts. Over time, the chemo made me really sick. I had to quit my job, and I was frustrated that I was not able to spend time with family and friends like I wanted to because I felt so bad.

I talked to my doctor about it. He told me that you really must stay positive to get through something like this. He felt that I am a perfect candidate for medical marijuana, and he prescribed it on the spot. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the outcome from using it has been so good for me. I no longer feel nausea for days after my chemo treatments. I feel happy again. I feel like I am strong again. This is exactly what I needed in order to feel better and fight with all of my might.