My Dentist Helped Me to See What Would Happen to Me in My Senior Years

I wish that I had taken better care of my teeth over the years. One would think that would be the smart thing to do when you have made it a point not to get proper dental care for two decades. I just ignored it for too long and I soon found myself seeing a dentist in Livermore to get some help. The dentist could tell right away that I had not been caring for my teeth properly or getting regular a teeth cleaning like most of the free world does. I was embarrassed, but he told me not to be because he understands how people can be about taking care of themselves.

I would say that I brushed my teeth once per day at best. I always did this in the morning before work. But then I spent the day drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks and a variety of high sugar foods. This meant that the sugar had a chance to sit on my teeth all day until the next morning when I brushed my teeth again. You should always brush your teeth twice per day and floss, too. Not flossing means that the sugar has a chance to get in between your teeth and cause a lot of tooth decay. I let this go on for so many years that it is surprising that I have any teeth left!

The dentist I went to found 7 cavities in my mouth. He also needed to pull out my wisdom teeth in my bottom jaw because both of them had cavities. He told me that I was not going to have my teeth by the time I reached my senior years if I did not start doing the very simple things I needed to do to keep my mouth healthy. I know do what he says every day and I go in for a regular cleaning every six months as well now, too.