I Learned Some Great Info After Eavesdropping at Work

I was in the elevator at work one day when I overheard two people from another department discussing a Tracy chiropractor in our area who is really good at what he does. Before we stopped on the ground floor, I apologized for eavesdropping and asked the two people if chiropractors can help people who have a pinched nerve in their back. One of the ladies said that is the exact reason she goes to a chiropractor, and she told me that I should go see the one she sees. She said that it is worth it to try if you have been suffering for a long time.

I’m not exactly how I came to have a pinched nerve, but it sure caused a lot of trouble in my life for a long time. I found that I couldn’t do as many things with my wife and children as I once did. I found that I had to sit out of a lot of physical activities that I once enjoyed. I found that I had to ask my wife to do certain things around the house because of the pain that I was going through on too many occasions. It also meant that there have been times that my kids have had to stay home from fun events so that they can help their dad do things that I wished that I could handle on my own.

I went to the same guy that the two women in the elevator told me about. I told him how I had learned about his services. He said that he was pleased to meet me and he would do his best to help me. I felt complete trust in him, and I go back often now. I don’t know how he did it, but I am 100% better now. I worried at first that the problem could come back over time, but he told me that if it does happen, he will help me again with no problem.