I Hurt My Back in Austin

Things have been going pretty well on the tour, the guys have come together pretty nicely and there have not been any real personality issues. That happens a lot with bands, which obviously require you to work in close contact with other people over long periods. At any rate I have to do a little of everything, because we can not make any money if we are paying for all of the things that need doing. A Round Rock chiropractor had to work on me after we finished the show in Austin. We played this terrific bar on Lamar Street and there was obviously a lot of drinking. At some point there were two drunk guys who got in a dispute over a young lady. She was frankly the sort of girl who can cause these sorts of things in a crowded bar. She was pretty and she was flirting with a lot of guys, but I was mixing the sound and not paying attention.

The actual incident was not very much, just two half drunk guys pushing and shoving and talking mean to each other. However when it started one of them pushed the other into me and I fell awkwardly. It did not seem like anything really, although the two idiots did jostle the gear and I had to scramble to get the sound back. The boys kept right on playing as though nothing had happened and the crowd did not seem to be upset at all. At any rate the next morning when I woke up it was hard to get out of bed. The original injury happened years ago when I was in college. In fact I was the drunken idiot then and now it comes back to hurt me every few years, especially if something happens like this.