How Do You Make Back Adjustments

So I was out the other night and I happened to meet a group of guys. The truth is that the lot of us were stuck. We were on a shuttle bus at the airport. The bus was full of guys who has come from this thing at one of the big hotels. Basically we all went to this place and traded a prime rib dinner for listening to this guy trying to sell us some sort of investment. Of course if you buy me a beer and feed me I will hear you out. A chiropractor in Alexandria VA was one of the guys at the table with me, a guy I do business with was there too and he sat down with me and started talking to the chiropractor about his back.

Of course this guy plays golf pretty much every day that the weather is nice enough to allow it and that means his back going out is a really big deal to him. He is complaining that he can not get a full swing on his driver right now because his back is acting up and this is a big deal to him. At any rate the guy was wanting to drink his beer and eat his prime rib, so he was saying that the guy should come in during office hours. He explained what he would do, but I got to thinking that it seemed like a rather risky thing to do. That is to say that you are going to lay down on this table and there is going to be a guy above you who is going to try to move your bones around so that they are all in the right place. That is the idea, but it must be easy to mess it up.