How a Busted Piece of Furniture Can Make You Need to See a Chiropractor

We got a new couch for our living room. I liked it in the store, but I was not thrilled with it. My wife and kids were. There was room for all of us and our three dogs. We could all pile on the huge sectional and watch TV in the evening. My spot is on the left. I prefer having the left armrest kind of in front of the TV. My family indulges me, and I am grateful. This couch felt funny on my back as I sat in it. My friend Ruiz Morgan suggested I needed to see my chiropractor in San Francisco because that couch bent my back the wrong way. That is the only way I can describe it.

It seems like it is made me hunch forward while seated on the couch. When I got up from watching a movie, my back was getting sore. About a week into owning it, I had some moderately intense back pain going on. Every one else really liked the new couch. I was the only one that was not comfortable. Then my wife decided to sit in my spot one evening while she was watching a show by herself. She got up and her back was sore. She finally could tell what I was talking about. The chiropractor just told me to not sit on the couch. Well, I have my spot and that is that.

My wife pulled the cushions and looked at the base underneath them. A support piece was broken and that seat sagged down when you would sit on it. It looked normal after you got up. It was bending the back of anyone who sat just in that spot. Since it was my spot, no one else sat there except the dogs. My wife called the couch people to bring out an unbroken replacement. Then my back was okay again. Of course, it did take a few more treatments to fix the damage that was done.