Chiropractic Adjustments Helped with My Headaches

The headaches I used to get were so bad that they literally made me sick. I didn’t know of anyone else who would actually throw up because their head hurt so bad. Mine also lasted longer than normal. I was so grateful that mine didn’t last for days like some people may experience, but I did not have the ones that lasted for just minutes either. A good two hours was the norm for me, and it was not fun at all. That all changed when I read an article written by some Oklahoma City chiropractors about headaches.

I had never thought to see a chiropractor for my headaches. I had been to my primary care doctor, but there was very little he could do. He did suggest pain medication, but there was no way I wanted to start that cycle. The article talked about the different types of headaches, the trigger points, and also what can be done for people who suffer with them. I read enough to know that I wanted to be seen by a chiropractor, and I called that same day to make an appointment. This was like a lifeline that was thrown to me, and I was not about to ignore it.

After an examination, I was given a chiropractic adjustment, and I felt better almost instantly. I knew that it could not be that easy, but it almost was! I had to go back several times for additional adjustments, and I was so amazed that I did not have any headaches in that time period. In fact, I have only had one headache since I started seeing my chiropractor, and it was a very mild one that was gone almost as soon as it started. I am such a fan of chiropractic care now, and I have actually talked a few people into going for their headaches too!