Beach Volleyball and My Sciatic Pain Inducing Sand Dive

I was with my wife and kids down at Lake Lanier. We were swimming and playing on the beach. We brought a volleyball net and ball and had a game. I was showing off and hurt my back. I figured the soft sand would be more forgiving to my dives to get the ball. It wasn’t. I twisted my back and had to sit the rest of the game out. The pain kept getting worse, and I called my chiropractor in Cumming GA to schedule an appointment. Mom told the kids, “Dad threw his back out again.” My son thinks that is funny because he gets an image in his head of me walking all Gumby-like to the garbage can to “throw” my back in the can. Yes, it is hilarious when the burning and aching stops.

When you twist your spine, it is really another way of saying how your muscles are pinching a nerve or part of your spine is doing it. If you look at a model of the spine, it looks frightening. There are all kinds of bony prominences to pinch nerves that come out of your spine. I did something to irritate my sciatic nerve, and I had pain that was awful running down from my lower back to my big toe. It felt like pain wrapped up in electrical lightning bolts that shot down and exploded out the top of my big toe on my right foot. It burned, ached and throbbed all at the same time. I could not sit, stand or lie down.

The first treatment from my chiropractor in Cumming GA made me feel a lot better. The awful throbbing pain left almost immediately. Following the recovery and healing treatment plan got me back to playing volleyball again. And, yes, I am showing off again. However, now I am exercising and getting stronger to be able to do that stuff. Losing a few pounds also helped with making it easier to dive for the ball.