I Am Thankful for the Chiropractic Help I Received

My parents were very thorough with teaching me how to drive. They wanted to prepare me well so that it would decrease my chances of causing a wreck. In turn, it made me very careful, and I took their instructions seriously. But that, of course, does not stop other people from being careless on the road, and just weeks after I began driving, someone hit me while I was on the way to the store. I was in so much pain afterward, so mom found a Mesa chiropractor to take me to for some relief.

After the other person hit me, I got out of the car and immediately knew something was wrong. I saw the impact coming, so I must have tensed up and I felt pain almost immediately after I stepped out of my car afterward. Dad had made sure to buy me a large car in the hopes that it would keep me from getting hurt if I was ever hit. (more…)